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My local (E6) B&Q certainly used to stock perforated metal but it is a big one.


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Steel Panel Perforated Steel Coloured (L)1000mm x (W)500mm


EAN: 3232630221655


Only £47.28


Copied from the B&Q site www.diy.com Available in store or to order probably home delivery too! Smaller sheets are cheaper but needing to cut circles may not be better with the waste left.


When cutting curves with snips get the ones suited to the curve you need there really ARE left and right handed snips.


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Added 2!


I hope you are NOT replacing a damaged microwave oven door! The door is a complex RF trap that stops power getting out and reflects it back into the oven. It's almost impossible for a home constructor to complete the RF trap correctly and test it, then there can be hundreds of watts RF pointing straight at you.

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Yes our local B&Q 'warehouse' has a staggering range of perforated sheet metal in all sorts of utility and decorative finishes. When I first saw it my mind went into overdrive thinking of the uses I could create for it!


You can get certain bendy types in car-body repair shops as well, usually aluminium or zinc, used to span large holes before the filler is applied.

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