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QMAXZ problems

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I have just rigged some QMAXZ QM700S fixtures for a show and am having problems with a few of them all doing he same thing. they have a 'lamp setting' in the menu, when I selected the 'lamp on' setting they started making a really loud buzzing sound as soon as the lamp was struck. I have not used these fixtures before and dont know weather im missing something? has anyone come accross this before?
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Hi, I had 2 of the 700 profiles back in december and 1 of them I had made a funny noise after striking when I'd put it on the lamp on option, it sounded a bit like a machine gun sort of noise. At first I thought it was cuz I'd left one of the transport locks on slightly but after I'd released them it was still doing it but I turned it off that night then when I next turned it on the next morning it was fine and hasnt been a problem since. So all I can say is check the locks are both fully off and if it still happens the old turn it off and back on again. After that I dont know sorry.


Out of interest what desk are u running it from as I had problems running it at first of a strand 520i as there wasnt a fixture written for it then?





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its been off all night now so ill go and try switching it on now! I am running it of an ETC ION, its fixture library contains fixtures for everything!








Hi Jess,


Has your problem gone away, or are you still in the same situation?

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