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Peavey SP3 and SP6, how good is the sound quality?


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I'm looking for some 3-way speakers and was looking at the Peavey SP3 and SP6. Does anyone know how good their sound quality is? If I went for a for the SP3 I'd be powering them in stereo with a Crest CA12 and if I went for the SP6 I'd power them with a QSC PLX3602. I'm gonna be runnng them for quite a long continuous time, about 7 without a break so I thought about not exceeding 200 watts more than the rms continuous rating. I've heard that running speakers with 1.5x the rms rating is good but only if the continuous time they'd be running is about 2-3 hours. I'm not sure whether these speakers could handle 1,400 watts rms for 7 hours continuous. But anyway, your help would be apreciated. Thanks.
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