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Brits 2010


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They really should just take the easy option of putting it on the TV post watershed, and including a warning as they return from each ad break. Either that or just spare us all from the disorganised, embarrasingly mocked by the celebs, over tired award show and not televise it!


[EDIT: for a trigger happy [Enter] key!


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Although in fairness, Peter Kay is on form tonight!

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Who is mixing this crap tonight?


You can tell there is a much longer delay than 30 seconds, but surely that is time enough to bleep or mute a single word, rather than mute an entire 5 seconds with a little message at the top?


Other than that the acts are pretty poor this year!



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The idiot makes it clear on every occasion the distaste he has for this kind of thing, so why do they continue to give him awards? The Brits is not really for us, it's for them to pat each other on the back and say how well they did. A waste of airtime.
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am I sad for laughing at it most of the way through? Peter Kay's outburst at Liam left me in tears of laughter for the rest of the show................


feel free to kick me for finding at least that part entertaining.


the rest, well, a mix of real talent (IMO that includes florence and dizzy, alicia keys, gaga)....or pure crap....I'll not name names.


but hey, from a technical point of view...... I thought it was done really well, so the engineers should come away from it quite happy, well done guys and gals!

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Tbf - I turned off halfway through and watched the 89 show aka Sam fox and Mick Fleetwood! MUCH more entertaining! :)


I was liking Peter Kay though. He was the only saving grace on the show.


The set was good. Well , I liked it anyway. At least - being a big TV event - it wasnt just all 'in ya face' LED and moving light city. So thumbs up to the creative team! :** laughs out loud **:


What else? errrrrrr, not a lot really.


Im sure the techno nerds will want to know 'how many of this or that' and what the desks were and what coffee do the crew drink - but, I really dont care at the moment. Im sure it will all be in the up and coming Lighting&Sound mag - so have a read of that.


Thinking about the inpending doom of Earls Court (I surely hope not. Its a pig of a venue to work in - but what history.....), I think this gig would be happy in the O2.


Ok, ive designed the set already!! In the round center performance area , with a big runway bridge (with sections that move up and down) leading to a side stage for the presenters.! :D

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