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Multi monitor setup

Mark M

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Is there any software out there that can run a multi screen set up with different sources playing on different monitors?


Possibly looking to run say a DVD on screen 1, advert on screen 2, and possibly a different advert on screen 3.


Id also like to be able to hook up a video camera at some point.


Ive got a windows PC with 4 video outputs so can run in theory 3 seperate channels and one as a control and I would like some flexibility on what shows on which output ie at some point I may want the DVD (or avi etc) showing on just one monitor but at other times on all monitors. Likewise, with the video camera.


Sadly I have a tight budget as always and I know I can use a combination of WMP, powerpoint, etc and just use full screen mode etc but if possible would like a bit more control.


I dont need any fancy visual effects or anything, just the multi monitor support really.


Thanks, Mark

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Looking at 4 LCD 32" TVs and 3, possibly 5, 19" computer monitors playing upto 3 different sources Source 1 DVD/avi, source 2 powerpoint presentation, source 3 powerpoint presentation or standard photos.


Ive downloaded Screen Monkey which seems to do what I want with the use of a couple of distribution amplifiers?

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