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Soundlight DMX decoder cards


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I have been having problems with Soundlight 3012B DMX demultiplexer boards. I originally obtained a Mk2 board, but as a repeat order was supplied some Mk4 boards. However, these intermittently have glitches in the output. I have checked on the bench with a digital scope, and the DMX data is correct (at value 255), but the output went low (0) incorrectly for the duration of a DMX packet. I can supply these scope traces if required.


What concerns me more is that I have been unable to get any reply out of Soundlight. I have emailed them many times, from different email accounts, and other than one early reply (of 08/06/2009 08:01 from e.steffens@soundlight.de) saying they did not know of any problems, I have had no further response.


In view of this, I never again intend to use Soundlight, and recommend that others treat them with extreme caution.

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