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GOBO Projector Advice sought by Novice


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Please help,


I am currently doing an art project in a Church and would like to project images in a space as yet unidentified. I have no experience using projectors, but am interested in the use of gobos.


I don't want to buy from new but would like information on equipment needed. I propose to make the gobo images myself if possible. The images I want to project will ideally rotate, and be different colours. My intention is to project up to 5 different images.


many thanks.


Lady of Hexham.

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Hi and welcome.


To advise you best we need to be a little bit more specific about what you are after as there are a few ways to achieve what you want depending on the intention.


When you say you wish to project 5 different images is that 5 simultaneously or 1 at a time?


You say the image will be different colours, do you mean 1 image will be more than one colour or each image will be a single different colour?


Is this a long term install or a one off?


Depending on your answers this may be more of a Lighting question than an AV question - maybe worth a move Mods?


It may be that having some custom metal gobos made for a moving light is the right direction, or even glass. In any situation it would be unlikely that you could create a proper gobo for yourself of sufficient quality to project onto a wall. It could be that 5 S4s and a dimmer pack with a rotator in each might do the job.


Maybe a company such as NiteLites near Newcastle would be able to show you some of the alternatives in a lighting point of view.


Even though you talk about gobos it could be that a digital projector with a powerpoint presentation which has 5 slides that you create and animate may be more versatile and possibly even cheaper on a long term install.


More info please

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