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moving wall


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Hey all.


I'm a student and I have this idea for my set design to have a wall in which the actors can lean against it and make it move. I'm finding it difficult to figure out how it's done and what material has been used to produce the look of a solid wall, so I was hoping someone could perhaps give their ideas behind it? I saw it in this production Frantic Assembly's Othello and loved the effect it created.


This is the link I managed to find that shows a snippet of what I'm talking about. The wall can be seen at 2:23 when a character backs into it.







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By the looks of things the wall is made up of a series of wall sections, each of which is on its own truck. Film studios often make (larger) walls this way - rather than having braces to keep them up, they have LOADS of weight in the bottom, allowing the walls to be quickly rolled out of the way when they want to film "through the wall", or shoot "fourth wall removed" as I believe the media studies speak goes.


In this case they probably look like periaktos with only one side on them, with a lot of weight in the bottom to compensate for the imbalance and deal with the actors leaning against them. There may even be stage hands or performers behind the wall to push back against them / stand on them / apply brakes (maybe) to provide resistance when needed. The line of 2' wide (ish) sections have then been hinged together, and the gaps disguised with flexible covering (that "wallpaper" may actually be a painted material).


I'm sure someone will have had the show tour through their doors and will be able to shed further/better light.



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I've only seen that show once when it came to the Royal, but at one point, the walls are also removed without stage hands coming in front to remove pins and IIRC (Big if though) also reverse making a large base on the other side impossible too. It would be very interesting to see how it was done though.



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