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Woodford Community Centre, Cheshire

Young Johnstone

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Evening BR


I've been booked to light a concert at this venue, but as I have never actually visited it I don't know much about the place!

Obviously I'll pop down for a site visit, but I wondered if anyone has worked there before?

I've been told that the FOH bar is suspended on 'as good as shoe string,' which isn't to comforting!!


If anyone has any info regarding any in house lighting, dimmers, power etc that would be magic!!




Al :)

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Evening Al!


I know the place quite quite well, however can't answer your questions :)

It a pretty standard community hall type place with a stage at one end. Access is good :)


I can't help think the little info you have is correct. Personally I'd be inclined to forget any in house facilities and bring everything in you need including ground support such as a length of truss and a decent set of truss lifts, AFAI recall, the ceiling is reasonably high, so a goalpost FOH would be a go-er.

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