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More info needed please, type of venue and type of lights would be a good start.


Room size not more than 30ft x 50ft, and Parcan`s and led par in light...

What I am looking is a computrised software which can controll lights n sound...

it is basically a jungle theme project were there will be waterfall sound with lights, Some thunder effect with strobe lights...etc

plz help me I want to make this project A.S.A.P

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Do you have any current hardware (USB dongle or similar) for controlling the lights and dimmers that this software has to work with? Or are you looking for a DMX interface too?


If I were to do something like that, I'd use MagicQ to do the lighting side of the job, and can output DMX data using a USB dongle (such as the enttec one, or the ChamSys one), and can also output artnet too. And for the sound side of things I'd write / find some form of playback software which can accept ArtNet triggers in. Alternatively, you could use a timecode / MIDI interface and use triggers from that to play back the sound effects.


Thats one possibility anyway!

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If you are using the same music and effects over and over, as opposed to different each time, then ShowCAD Artist would do the job.

You can use it's timers and RTC (real-time clock) for the timing to trigger sound tracks which can run a cue sheet to syncronise the lights, all in the same piece of software.

Reasonably expensive though <_<

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