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setting up a studio space


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I have recently taken on the post of a performing arts technician, and when I arrived they told me half of there kit was not working including the recording studio,


the problem I know have is that I have it all up and running and the desk is sending through to the pc as the sound c ard is recieving an input but I cant seem to get anything to send through to cubase and im not sure if im doing something wrong, any suggestions would be really helpful.



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What soundcard is it?


I suspect this is a job that could be sorted quickly by somebody popping in for ten minutes, but could take ages over the Internet.

If you were to give us an idea where you are by filling in your profile some more, somebody may offer!


You may also want to edit this bit :D


recently finished qorking for aldebrough music
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I never liked the input setup for cubase but you can also go into the sound card preferences or in the default windows volume management thing (double click on the speaker icon in the taskbar?) and then you can also allow the sound to pass through to the speakers attached to the computer, this should allow you to find the input.


Have you tried the input that is built into the motherboard?

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