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a good 12" top (under 400)


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well,firstly sorry for another recommend me a speaker thread :(

looking for a good 12" with nice sound and some volume for 400 euro max.

for bands and some DJing. I was thinking DB tech but cant find xx dB @ 1W/1M figures, except for

Up to 127dB sound pressure level can be

reached at 400W/RMS input power.

so, Yamaha S112V, HK premium pro 12 , db Arena 12 or other

don't want active speaker (amp built in)

thanks for your time



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From experience, DB technologies seem to have a website that's hard to find information, and when you do, there's not a lot of it! :(


The HK Audio Premium Pro 12 is a really good quality cab. I've seen a pair at a small festival once, they were powerful and they had a really nice clear warm sound to them. It'd be worth getting one or a pair of the Premium Pro 18" subs if you do go for the 12's.

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