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ETC Congo And Net3 Devices


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I have been researching the Congo and have the following question. If I had an ETC Net3 DMX node connected to the console, Via the onboard Ethernet connector, will I be able to use the iPhone IRFR app in conjunction with the node. The IRFR app requires a wireless router to be plugged to the same port as the node. Will I be able to use the same port using a hub/switch, and then configure the port from onboard settings?





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I think you've got yourself confused and going around in circles.


The Ethernet port on Congo is a full-bandwidth Input and Output port.

It should be connected to the Ethernet network and sends (up to) all patched Universes, all ACN information, all RFR and iRFR data etc at the same time.


10/100BaseT networks are a Star topology. This means that each physical network port connects exactly one device (Congo console, DMX Gateway, network siwtch, Wireless Access Point etc)to the network.

Therefore, if you want more than one physical device on the network, you'll need a hub or a switch.

- A switch is better than a hub (and easier to buy), and up to a point the cheaper the better*.


The iRFR application connects to the Congo Console via a suitable wireless access point.


The wireless access point must be on the same network as the Congo.

- Many wireless access points include a switch anyway, so you probably only need one device.


There's a lot of info about setting an iRFR up on the ETC Product Wiki


*More expensive switches have all kinds of clever options, which are great for office networks and the Internet but pretty useless for most lighting networks.

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