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Budget 48 channel DMX desk


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I am looking for a desk as described above. I currently have a Zero 88 Alcora 24 and need a bigger desk. Ideally I would like a (Zero 88) Jester 48 but its out of budget. Has anyone got any recommendations. I want soemthing bettter quality than the Soundlab type of thing. Solid contruction, nice faders and I wreally want 48 faders (for gigs when I have to wing it!). I know there were some American DJ scenesetters around last year for £200.00 - any experience of these?


Ideally I would like a quality 2nd hand desk, budget upto £300.00

Many thanks

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An option you may not have considered is buying another 24 channel desk (e.g. this one), and using a DMX merger, with a customisable offset, to provide you with 48 DMX channels. This may make programming difficult, but you can link the GO buttons on the zero88, by using the jack connector on the back.


Depending on the price of the DMX merger (I have no idea what sort of price range they are), it might be more expensive, but it's worth a look. It gives you a nice bit of flexibility too (only need 24 channels, only take 1 desk. Or, take both, and use them in dual-preset, rather than wide-mode!)


It seems a shame not to use the Alcora (unless you're selling it to help pay for the new one?)

Food for thought, anyway...

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... better quality than the Soundlab ... Solid contruction, nice faders ... American DJ scenesetters around last year for £200.00 ... quality 2nd hand desk, budget up to £300.00


1) American DJ is just another badge brand - it's quality will be no better than Soundlab.


2) Never buy budget brands secondhand - you'll end up with something that, as well as being cheaply made, is now knackered.


3) Forget linking two desks together; it'll drive you mad.



For your budget you could...


1) Buy a new budget 48 channel desk; you should be able to pick up one of the 'Scenesetter 48' type desks which loads of people sell under different labels.


2) Pick up an older Zero88 or similar on eBay.


If you could double your budget then something like a Strand 200 24/48 would probably suit you as they are a properly made desk.

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To the OP...


When you say the Alcora 24 - is that a 12/24 or a 24/48? ie 24 or 48 physical faders.


If it's a 12/24 why not look out for a s/h 24/48? And if it's mostly live stuff you do why not switch to an Elara?

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On a slightly different tack, I was given a demo of a Light Processor Zip the other day, which might be worth looking at. The 18 fader version is around £300 (new) and allows DMX control of 36 channels (two pages). You can also toggle into submaster mode, so that the 18 faders become subs or chases.


Might not quite fit your bill, but a useful little desk for some applications, and pretty cheap for what it is.



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I would go for a Zero 88 Elara 24/48. the simplest desk I have ever seen (which dosent say much) just plug and play (as long as you have a sutiable dimmer rack) . Just like a Jands 4PAK :angry:


thats my 2c


not sure what they are worth though

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