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marconi mr2b


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Ah, memories!


One inch "C" format VTRs were the mainstay of broadcast TV for most of the 1980s. The Ampex VPR2B (and badged Marconi MR2B) were the first major offering from those manufacturers, in competition with the BVH1100 (and soon the BVH2000) from Sony. Bosch had a non-compatible system ("B" format) that many thought was better but, as so often happens, the industry "spoke with its wallet" and "C" Format became the defacto standard.


Prior to that, video recording had been done on 2-inch "Quad" machines which had the disadvantage that you couldn't get slow motion or any form of freeze frame which made editing a bit of a pain (though many great edits were done on quads. However, once the "C" format standard was agreed and Ampex/Sony/Marconi started selling machines, the industry converted rapidly and stayed with 1" until the next big revolution of cassette-based recording.


If you look at the machine you found, you'll find that the actual VTR is only a portion of the unit. The pictures you posted show that this unit was placed in an optional mount that holds the VTR and incorporates a monitor bridge and stand. However, it was entirely possible to run just the VTR on a tabletop or something if you wanted.


I miss 1" (and even the cantankerous old 2"). There was something about the big reels spinning round--and grabbing them to rock the tape to find a tight audio in point was very tactile! Somewhere in my garage I have one or two "C" format tapes lying around.



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Worth giving the heads a clean first, (clean them GENTLY in the direction of rotation) as well as the guides.


I do miss the days of 1" it felt really powerful when you hit preview and 6 monsters behind the glass wall kicked off :-)


I'd love to get my hands on one, I have a tape that I cut on 1" about VE day in our Village ages ago, I would love to get an MXF and a MOV of it.


I also remember the old 1100, you could hear the relays through the walls. Happy days

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