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Monacor ECM-925P Supercardiod Mic


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This is a very common mic, sold in amazing numbers of brands. Some with XLR, some with 1.5V AA. The blurb mentions using phantom when either high or low sound levels are used - ignore this bit, rubbish!


I've got 4 or 5 of these somewhere, and best I can say is that they work sort of OK. They are not interference tube mics in the usual sense, but have two small electret elements one in front of the other, and by using just one you get cardioid, or both a narrower cardioid. The response is therefore wide or a bit narrower. When set to the narrower pattern, the tone changes significantly, with the bottom dropping off and a rather hollow, phasey sound. OK on cardioid, not so hot on narrow.


I did find them useful on a boom for college students using the for video - accuracy of 'pointing' not being that important. They're pretty tough, and mine mostly work (not all - killed by damp - my fault). As a cheapish mic, they work - but if you need extra reach for whatever you have in mind, there are some drawbacks.


Just for comparison - here's an Audio Technica version for cheap camcorders - same product, different output cable

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