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I am about to do a show in a venue with analogue dimmers but my desk is a Strand 300. I know I need a demux unit but I have no idea how to use one. Do they work right out of the box or is there loads of setting up to do first?
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Ummmm yes and no....


To get the Demux to talk to the desk, it is a simple matter of setting the address on the demux.


However to get the demux to talk to the dimmers, will involve some sort of cabling, and / or converters and / or voltage translation / possibly many hours with a soldering iron.


If you are lucky however, you MAY be able to plug the dimmers straight into the demux. Especially if they are from the same manufacturer.





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Also, if you are renting the Demux, then the rental company should be able to help.


I used to use Gradav in North London quite a bit, and if I recall correctly they used to have a wde assortment of flavours for the various connectors that would be encountered, from Gradav we usually used one of the Zero88 Demux (Demii?) a great bit of kit.





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