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QSC K12 Speakers


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We've had them in on demo and were very impressed in relation to the sound quality for a plastic moulded cab. Value for money = excellent. As to their tour-ability I can't comment as we haven't had any out but the build quality certainly appeared good.



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Hi all


Just wanted some up to date thoughts on the QSC K12 speakers.


I also wondered how durable they are for lifeon the road.



They are good speakers, loud and clear. Build quality is very good, as is typical for QSC, so they should survive life on the road well.


Don't ignore the K10 either ( http://mercury-av.com/sales/qsc-k10-pa-speaker-3327-0.html ). They are extremely light and compact but go as loud, if not louder than many 12" active speakers. The K10 also has a fuller ( but less deep ) bass sound than the K12, despite the smaller LF driver.

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