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Exterior Gobo Projector


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Ok.. So for a maintenence client I have.. we´re sick and fed up with the 12 year old (ish) cyberlights that need attencion every month I go... And saying they just project a gobo.....


Basically I´m looking for a standard fixture that can be mounted in out-doors with all weathers battering it... that can project a gobo roughly 8 - 12 meters, with the gobo being about 1.50 to 2mtrs accross once it reaches the floor...


The lights will be installed in an area with a lot of ambien lighting..I´m guessing 2k profiles are perfect? except they arnt IP rated.... at all..


anyone know of any fixures that can do this for me.


If it has to be hmi based fine.. but lets be honest, an old fasioned filament lamp will cause me far less work in the long run hahaha

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Martin make some with a few power/beam angle options. The highest power is 1200 discharge and I'd be surprised if you found any other than lowest power types that are tungsten/halogen. Others make them too. Google brings up plenty of results. None of them are cheap, especially the higher power ones.



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