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Midi Controllers


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I'm looking for a MIDI controller to use to control both sound and LX systems. It needs to have a selection of user controls, both buttons and knobs, a real MIDI port and, ideally, to be setupable from its front panel.


I've found the Akai MPD24 which looks ideal apart from the price which is a little bit more than I want to pay. Ideally sub-£100.


Any thoughts?

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All the Behringer controllers are like this - A couple of years ago I wanted to use one in a very specific way, and couldn't make the brain cells work. Not expecting anything, I emailed Behringer, explaining what I wanted to do - they responded with a button by button sequence that worked a treat.


I've been pretty impressed with the two I have - but, there's no way I can remember how to reprogramme them if I ever have to!

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do you plan to reconfigure it often?

Probably not, but I hate having to get a manual out for things like that. The MPD24 has an LCD display which seems very user-friendly.


Think they can be initially programmed up from a pc

That may be an option.


The MPD24 is starting to look like good value.

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