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Dizzee Rascal on Viva live


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Just wondering does anyone happen to have any idea what venue this is? It looks to be some sort of converted church/ Looks like quite a nice venue though not normal the sort of one where you would expect a worldwide artist to be performing :/


Is it one thats more suited to filming rather than big audience gigs? It seems to be quite small as venues go and it seems to be people just standing listening rather than any mosh pits or whatever.


Cheers guys :(



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Aha! Managed to find the video of the gig online at Dizzee Rascal Gig


Seems to have been filmed at Air Studios...


if you go on the web site http://www.airstudios.com/ air studios is at lindhurst hall which used to be a church but is now recording studios and by the looks of it he is performing in somewhere you might record a large orchestra and it seems to be a well known one in the recording indstury with lots of big names recording there



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