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Monitors for a concert


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I know this is probably really basic but I'm more of a lighting guy. I have a battle of the bands competition coming up in February and are looking at some monitors. I was searching around and have found some equipment that is within my budget.


DAS Audio PF012 Wedge Monitor 250w, 8Ω (x2)

QSC PLX1602, 500W into 4Ω (x1)

However, I was just wondering if this equipment would be suitable for my use. The idea would be just to place the 2 monitors infront of the performers and position the microphones which will situated near the guitar cabinets at 180 degrees from the monitors. Also, would the impedence of this equipment (since they are different) affect the sound quality.


Thanks in advance as I do not study physics and mostly deal with lighting however I have been asked to help with the sound.




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They'll work, but the success is more dependent on the kit the monitors are plugged into. Gain before feedback, especially with loud bands needs decent eq on the sends from the desk. How many sends the mixer has will determine how many mixes - although in your case it will be probably just one. As long as you can adjust the eq of the monitors even fairly poor loudspeakers will do something. It's rather similar to asking if an ETC Source four will be able to do a certain job. Without the other info, the answers are a bit flaky. As in people assume you have dimmers, something to hang them off, maybe some cabling and gobos and gels - it isn't just the actual item - it's all the other stuff.
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Do I take it the budget you have is for hire and not buying? You don't make it clear, but for a one-off job, hire is most definately the way to go.


As for the impedence mismatch on the specs, don't worry about it. The 8 ohm impedence of the speaker is its' actual impedence, the impedence of the amp is simply how much power it will provide at that impedence. Connecting a higher impedence speaker to the amp won't be a problem, the amp will provide less power into the speaker - 300w in this case. That's about right for a 250w speaker (this argument s raging elsewhere in the BR at the minute about amp power Vs speaker rating, but to my eye it looks fine).


Don't forget the cabling and as Paul says, if you can get some EQ on your monitor feeds, all the better.


Have fun doing it!

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Could I add, you'll get more gain-before-feedback if you position the monitors in the microphones rejection zone...


Am I correct? That's the way I've seen it anyway.


Absolutely correct--but the trick is to know the "rejection zone" for each mic you're using because there are differences. For example, with a cardioid the best place for the wedge is probably straight in front of the vocalist; with a hyper or super cardioid there's generally a lobe of pick up at the "directly in front" position so slightly to each side at an angle is better. This is why (or at least one of the reasons why) you see different layouts in use.




Edited to add: If you scroll down in THIS WIKI ARTICLE you'll see examples of polar patterns that illustrate what I mean. One picture being worth a thousand words and all that!

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