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Ladder condition question


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Hi all.


The venue I work in recently replaced an old Zarges ladder (The side braces got smashed off by an ape of a security fella.) with a Youngman.


Within a month of use the little handle that you use to tighten the side brace had worn out. The thread on the screw had completely gone and just fell off, allowing the brace to do the same. I did a quick fix with an M8 nut but its not a lot of good unless you always have an AJ on you, which most of the staff at the venue dont.


I reported it to the manager, and his manager, and it was agreed it would be looked into.


Another month later (Ladder still in use) and the weld where the ladder slots in to the other side (Im not sure how to describe this so work with me here!) had split and the ladder was peircing itself and making a hole about a cm big. When put up, the ladder would not sit right and be clearly wonky.


Again, I reported it to management and was told it had been looked into and was fine. I pointed out the new problem and was again assured that this had been looked into. I checked my shoes as the smell of bull ###### filled the room.


I took pictures:


This is the handle thing with the worn thread:



The nut I replaced it with:



The hole it put in itself:




Basically what I'm asking is if anyone else thinks that the ladder is unsafe to use? I know for a fact that if the ladder was at the hire company I work for then it would be taken out of stock for repair.


Also, can anyone tell me how much pressure the venue should be under to have this thing checked properly. I've been told that the correct course of action upon reciving a complaint is for it to be checked over by a professional, which of course it hasn't.


My last enquiry into the status of the ladder was met with "WILL YOU ARE INSANE!!!! THE LADDER IS FINE!!!". ;)


Any guidance on this would be fantastic, Cheers. :(

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I did say that it should be sent back due to obvious defects. I know a guy who uses exactly the same ladder far more often than we do and he swears by it over a Zarges.

Again, this was met by questioning over my diagnosis. Reading between the lines they were saying "this sounds like it will cost man hours and possibly extra money."

Its such a shame. Every outside promoter and band says they love the venue and are always impressed by the level of technical staff (Its a student union so naturally they expect a shed ran by monkeys.), it just sucks that behind the scenes we have to deal with this crap!

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In recent search on ladder training I found a link to goverment run ladder exchange where you take in to a dealer battered, bent , rotten ladder or steps and you can get upto 50% off a brand new one.


I found it by googling LADDER TRAINING THE LAW


maybe time to mention this to some of our bosses

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