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Interviews At RWCMD

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Similarly to my post for CSSD


I have also been offered and Interview at RWCMD, a week Tuesday (26th Jan)


I am applying for Stage Management, but would like to know what sort of thing they look for within the interview and what sort of things they like to see in Portfolios



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I applied, and got a place, last year - although I've gone to Guildhall instead.


The interviews are pretty informal to be honest - it was just a nice chat about the course, my experience, my aspirations and so on with Dave Roxburgh - the direector of the course. All the advice I can give it be eager, don't be scared and have humility.


The portfolio isn't all-important as it's more about who you are than what you know, but put in photos of shows, paperwork, and remember that presentation matters!! A stack of unorganised dog-eared notes wouldn't win any favours.


Good luck!! I'm not going to push my uni - it's your decision, and Royal Welsh is a good college - did you go on an Open Day?? There is a tour at the beginning of the day, so it doesn't matter if you did!!





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Hi, as a first year Stage Management student at RWCMD, I have to say it's a great college and a great course (and of course Cardiff is a lovely place). Hard work but at the same time a lot of fun and quite informal. What became apparent at my interview last year was that it was as much about your own personality as your previous experience. Be yourself; it's more a tea and biscuits type situation than an interview, or so I felt. Portfolio wise, unless things have changed, it's only optional that you present one. I didn't take one for my interview, and it was probably the right choice as you are re-trained from scratch anyway. Be humble, show you are keen, ready and willing to work hard, and you'll be fine.


If you're around about 11am on the 26th, I'll probably be in the coffee shop with some other students, so come over and say hello! (I don't look that much different to my profile photo - my hairs just a bit longer now :( ). Drop me a PM, let me know what time you'll be in college. All the best to you.

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Hi Rob,

I'm in my third and final year there.

As Paul says - it's quite informal. You'll get a tour of the college by current students, which lasts around 20 minutes and this is your chance to have a look around, chat to the students and ask informal questions that you might not want to ask the lectures directly! This is usually with one other prospective student. After that, you will do TWO interviews - one with Rox, the head of the course, and then you will swap with and have one with two lectures. This is great because if you screw up one, or forget to mention something, you get a second chance! The interviews themselves are more of a chat - you get the chance to ask questions too.

They are looking more at you as a person, and how well they think you can learn. If you come across as 'knowing it all' that's not a good thing! Mention non-theatre related things too that make 'you', you - such as scouts, D of E, hobbies etc etc.

Portfolio wise, just make it look good and keep it simple. Although you don't have to have one, I found it helped me along with the interview as I had talking points - and also meant I didn't forget anything. It was very simple, I printed one or two pictures from a few shows, with a sentence or two about it incase I went blank! Also, I included a few things like websites I had created etc with the theory it showed I had an eye for design.

Hope it goes well, and feel free to ask more questions - especially if you are interested about how the course works

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