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202 : More Creative Stage Lighting


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We will be running the above course at a venue here in Edinburgh on the 17th Feb.


This one-day course aims to provide students who are already familiar with the basics of stage lighting, with a more advanced set of tools and techniques to enhance their designs and productions. Once again, theory will be backed up with demonstrations and hands-on exercises to enable the students to appreciate the tools and techniques discussed. By the end of the course, students should be able to design lighting rigs with better understanding of directivity, colour, texture and movement, use effects and practicals and understand the design requirements for different types of productions.


More details can be viewed on our website - Live Systems Ltd - Training Programme


Course price is £150 plus vat and is inclusive of lunch and refreshments.


To book or for further information please either phone the office on 0131 555 5200 or send an email to training@livesystems.co.uk

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