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Equity agreements

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Hi all,


I'm confused by Equity agreements! Basically, the situation is:-


We're looking at producing a play, to be directed by myself and require two cast members in a small professional theatre. We plan to advertise for the two actors, but what do we have to bear in mind?


Are we required to pay Equity minimum even though we have no association with Equity? If the actors are Equity members do we have to pay Equity minimum or can we just state what we will pay and they can choose to accept it or not? OR if the actors aren't Equity members are they still governed by Equity's rules?


SOme clarification please ... don't want to get sued on my first show!!


Thanks a lot in advance



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The closed shop died a long time ago.


You, as producers, may employ actors on any basis you (and they) wish - subject to a few laws such as the Working Time Directive, Minimum Wage etc


Unless you are members of either the TMA or ITC then you are not bound by the various Equity agreements, which are made with these two organisations.


However, the Equity minimum and the other contract Terms and Condition governing hours of work etc are very good guide lines.



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