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Selecon Performer spot


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Hi all,



Just entering the second week of our summer inhouse production and was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light onto a dodgy selecon performer spot.


Currently both spots need to be set to half power before giving power to the ballast otherwise it just cuts out :rolleyes: (not a good sign!) also one of the spots starts to "strobe" after about 45 mins or so and will "strobe" for about a minute and then restore itself. Has anyone else found this before with this spot?


I'm pretty sure its not a bubble issue because surely it would have gone by now, I'm thinking either its not getting enough power for the ballast or a lamp base issue. BTW I haven't had a chance to open in up yet (that'll be in a couple of hours)!!


So any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated!



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