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Custom aspect ratio blended screen with long projection distance


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I was wondering if anyone has any experience that could help me substantiate if the following can work

I’m working on a project with a custom aspect ratio (screen size 5.5 high x 14.6 wide) using 2 Christie S+16K over a projection distance of 42m using the 4.9-6.1HD lens - front projection


The 2 projectors will be blended using Watchout


The ambient light is controllable but I’m concerned about the implications of the throw distance


Any ideas?

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For starters, Use the Edge blending built into the S16's..its better than watchouts and is very good and does not add delay.


if you take the total width/2 and add 10% for the overlap..that gives you two image widths of 8.03 M, which with a 42m throw would be around 5:1 on the lenses. So the maths works


Should you run into images that are oversized, then use a bigger overlap to make it fit..


Obviously the images will be higher than 5.50 M, so will have to be blanked to avoid stray light on the set, and the graphics designed to fit.


16ks are very good and very bright, but 42m is probably asking alot of them..Not sure if you've got the budget or are putting backup projectors in, but I would at least run doubles.


All this is off the top of my poor ole bonce..Use christies Lens calculator to double check the throws..as the throw may change due to which lenses you use and the panel size (1400 I think in the 16's)


check out 1 I've done before , using the Hd10ks http://www.christiedigital.com/EMEAEN/Appl...s/SouthHook.htm


hope this helps a little

regards john.p

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