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Controlling Strand Tempus 10A dimmers from DMX+demux


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Does anyone know what the correct control voltages are for a Strand Tempus 6/10A dimmer pack unit?


I'm in the process of replacing the manual control desk of an old Strand Tempus set-up with a DMX memory desk (Jester) and hooking it up to the dimmers via a demux unit.


Prior to hooking up the demux, I checked out the analogue control signals to the dimmers and found that it was a -15V supply to the old desk, and the voltage level for 100% output on a channel seems to be around -7.5V. The demux unit I have is capable of outputting +/- 10V, 12V or 15V. So I will end up with too high a voltage going to the channel. Bar using some resistors to drop down the voltages, any other solutions to this?





Edit: Everything I read on this forum seems to indicate control signals are indeed 0 to -10V for the Tempus. Can anyone confirm this? I guess it's possible that the cable runs are giving me lower than expected readings. I'll try to measure again with the desk directly connected.

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Thanks - just after posting I realised that I may have been seeing the lower readings due to long cable runs with lots of old connectors in the path.

Worth bearing in mind that the control voltage required for full output is adjustable inside the dimmers, as is the zero. If you are replacing a desk that was wired via the long cable runs you describe, over which the 0V and supply lines had significant drop end-end, the dimmers might have been tweaked to ensure the channels were fully on at max fader and fully off at zero. If you now connect a demux that delivers exactly 0 to -10V direct into the input, you'll have dead travel at one or both ends unless you readjust. 7.5V is pretty extreme though! I don't think connectors play a part here - if they're grotty and high resistance you'll usually get bad flicker.


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