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Speaker Cable - For installation


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Wonder if you guys could inform me on whether I have made a duff purchase!!


I have just purchased a 50m role of 2 x 2.5mm speaker cable for PA installation. I was expecting to recieve a thick rubber jacketed cable, however the product was more like Hi-Fi cable (figure of eight clear pvc sheathed cable)


My question is this. Will this cable give the same sound quality as that of a fully jacketed rubber coated cable of the same csa (2 x 2.5mm)? The cable will be used in an installation and most of it will be running under the floor, so I don't need to be coiling it, or regularly moving it. Does the insulation of a heavy duty speaker cable provide anything other than physical protection of the cable?





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If the cable is the same cross section, then it will sound the same. The snake oil peddlers may well disagree, but few of us subscribe to the notion that cable has much of an impact on sound quality at all - see recent posts on using coathangers as loudspeaker feeder! Damping factor, I think is a factor when dealing with high resistance cabling, but here you have the cross sectional area you need. It's insulated, and will not be subject to any mechanical stress - so all seems well. even more so if it was cheap.


One thing that might be worth thinking about is if there are any issues with the actual underfloor install in terms of cable type - LSZH or LSF?

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