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Anyone have any suggestions on microphones for a talking heads product


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Hello Everyone.


I have a question about audio equipment.


I use and AKG 414 mic for a talking heads production that I work on. It's great but requires phantom power.



I have another production I'm working on and need a microphone that I can plug into my Sony 2100 Handycam. I want to record straight the audio straight to the tape and bypass the mic on the camera with one that has a bit better quality.


I can't use the 414 because it requires phantom power.


Anyone have any suggestions?




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Excellent advice as usual from Paulears.


However, the one thing that occurs to me is that, unless you WANT to have a nice looking mic on camera, the 414 is an unusual choice for video work where you usually try to keep the mic concealed or at least inconspicuous.


More typically, a short shotgun would be used and, in this area, the Rode NT2 might work for you because it can be powered with an internal 1.5 volt battery. Sonically it's very good, not dis-similar to a Sennheiser 416 which is an industry mainstay.



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