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Le Grande Macabre

steve h

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Never mind U2...look at what the ENO are doing!



4.48 on the 3rd video is superb! (although all of it is pretty special!)





I saw a different ENO production of La Grande Macabre at the Coliseum in the early eighties - very different production design then, but equally spectacular. Act 1 was set on the A4 Hammersmith flyover - four lanes of "motorway" with three-storey houses on one side and a double decker bus complete with telescope on the other. Act 2 was completely different....enormous palace gates, in front of which were some stone sphinx-like sculptures perhaps twice the height of a person, one of which had a rocking horse action and was ridden by the king or prince or whoever....


It was the first opera I went to, (apart from G&S), and it definitely left it's mark!


(I've since been in the Coliseum backstage and under the stage on many occasions, and still haven't really worked out where they put Act 1 when Act 2 was on stage)


(oh and the motorway had a full size hearse on it which played a significant part in the proceedings)

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