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Appropriate sized speakers for music group rehearsal space/youth club-


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Hi all,


I'm doing a bit of research / background information gathering for a new sound system we are looking to install into one of our rooms at our church. The room is approx 8m(w) x 8.5m(d) with 3m(ish) ceiling.


Probable use scenarios will include:

- Rehearsal space for music groups: electric drums, bass, keys, guitar and a couple of vocals

- Youth club type setup - loud-ish background music from Ipod's/CD's/DVD's etc

- Small meeting/conference venue - maybe a little speech reinforcement + a subset of above music group


Budget has yet to be finalised, and at this stage I'm just trying to get an idea about an appropriate size speakers to propose - aiming for the balance between big enough to deal with electric drums & bass for rehearsals etc whilst not being huge boxes that will dominate the room.


My current thinking is around boxes with 8" or 10" drivers - is this about right? or way off the mark?


Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.





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I'd add a sub.

This will mean people don't destroy the 8" drivers trying to get them to do mega bass, as will be desired by the users of the electric kit, and of the loud-ish music.


This retains the small speakers, which will look nicer than two furry 15" and horns bolted to the wall, and the higher vocal clarity offered by smaller drive units, but allows some bass extension.

The sub could even be wheeled into a store cupboard when not needed if the big black box in the corner would scare the more mature members of the church.

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I agree with Mr Pearce,but a few more questions need to be answered.


Are we talking about the whole P.A? or just the boxes?


A nice set of boxes would be the Logic Systems is 8's or 10's, along with a sub. linky

Or even Nexo, but both these systems require a pretty decent budget.

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My rehearsal space is somewhat smaller than yours, but I still think you could be on the right mark with 8" mid/tops and a low frequency unit (more a midbass than a sub, though). It can even be done on a very tight budget - I have a pair of Bose 301s being given 120W apiece from a Thomann amp, and a 2x15" bass guitar cab that's getting 150W (though really needs more like 250) for the lows. It's used for vocals, bass guitar, playback etc. and it's easily capable of keeping up with acoustic drums. Crossover is at about 225Hz.


I think the key with a system like that is a good system controller, with the limiters set so the bands can't blow stuff up. Also with easily switchable presets so that if it's to be used for quiter playback without the sub, the small boxes can be used full-range.


If your budget is more serious then obviously you can buy stuff that's a bit more hardy :o)





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Even if on a tight budget,you should be able to accomodate an approriate size system for your requirments. i.e. I have just acquired a set of bose 802 mk2 speakers from ebay. saving me a whopping £800+. with a bit of tlc these units have amazing sound quality & are light weight. so very easy to install. just make sure you have a suitable controller for them I.e 802-c or 802-e or the panray controller from the mixer to the master amplifier before powering them up.

I have a link for bose spares if you require further information.

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