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Info request from any aussies

Paul S

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Can any Aussies out there give some advice on getting theatre work in your fair land, my wife and I will be migrating out sometime in the next year to South Australia.

I've been in pro theatre for 18 years and done most kinds of theatre as well as cruise ship and a bit of concert hall, currently tech manaager in a college that has just had a new 300 seat theatre built.


So just wondering what opportunities there are for casual/freelance as well as permanent work in SA?

Is it heavilly unionised over there? (in BECTU here so pro union myself).


I have found ALIA site but any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Paul,


I don't have much information on Adelaide / South Australia work options, sorry.

Somebody I have heard good things about is Leko Novakovic of Novatech Productions.

His email is Leko "at" novatechproductions.com.au (don't want him spammed out of existence :huh: )

He seems to do a lot of corporate work and a few festivals around Adelaide.


For more theatre related stuff, the Adelaide festival centre is your best bet. I haven't been there for almost 10 years so no useful contacts...


Best of luck

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I suppose I should stick my 2 cents worth in. I emigrated from the UK to Ausralia a bit over two years ago, alas to a totally different part of the country than you're interested in (Queensland in my case). In my case I found it relatively easy to "get my foot in the door" by simply ringing most of the venues in my area and giving them my CV....this resulted in a few "we'll try you out" shifts which, in turn got me on the books for when they needed somebody to do sound. In my area at least, nobody seems to be in a union. Pay is in the $20-$25 per hour range for operators, more for designer or department head.


I don't know how relevant this will be to South Australia though.



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I can't give any specific info on SA but I will mirror bobbsy's comment. Give a few companies a call and you should get a few 'try me out' shifts, pay starts around $20 AUD an hour and goes up from there, little unionism down hear in Tasmania.
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