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Guitar amp volume


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Why do guitarists insist on playing Marshall Quads and the like at volumes that rip paint of the walls? The issue of tone they say.......well why don't they get a smaller amp? I just don't get it. They ruin the gig for everyone!


Is it idiotic to suggest that they try singing unmiked and set their guitar volume so that they can still hear their own vocals? That way, when I mic the guitar and the vocal, I can turn them both up and the balance of volume will stay the same?


Help, before I kill one of them!!!!

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Without trying to take this topic any further -


My advice would be (If possible) Mic & D.I the cab. Send one or both signals to the main out, however return one of the signals (My choice would be the D.I) into a dedicated monitor/foldback for whomever keeps adjusting the volume.


Asuming your desk is able to do so....



I've done it in the past and it's worked for me

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at thr risk of duplicating the other topic linked to above. If you bought a Marshall and a huge stack of speakers, would you play it quietly? What about the bloke learning the timps - can he do that quietly? Not to mention the trumpeter splitting his lip each day.


Every guitarist could use a practice amp, or could use DI and in ear monitors. However, if they have a Les Paul and a Marshall stack, then they can do Gary Moore sustains, which don't quite work on a practice amp or DI'd.



I assume your rant applies more to tuneless/talentless loud guitarists - which is a very different thing.

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Interestingly Paul...


You did say this, in the topic David mentions!



If you do have a really good PA that can handle the entire band, then at this point, you can look at turning down the amps and giving the band monitors. This gets their level up where they are, direct from the monitors, rather than from a distant amp going full tilt. However, unless the monitors can provide a few different mixes, none will be happy, still wanting to be able to get near their own amp to control the amount of general rather than specific sound. Only if everything goes through the system can the FOH people make it sound similar to what you hear at a pro gig.


Guitarists, can be a bloody nightmare, in some situations, and they can do something about it, weather reducing amp volume, getting Fx that simulates the cab etc.


As a personal opinion, which is based more around small stages, D Mills summed it up rather well on that other topic


Slap guitarist repeatedly (or better, explain to lead singer why they cannot be heard and watch them slap the guitarist).


Before I get beaten to a pulp by all the angry guitarists out there, I think I'd better point out that I am a guitarist myself :)

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