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citronic cross over 2/3 mono 4


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Where using a new citronic cross over 2/3 mono 4 unit with our old PA system which contains two Studiomaster lx15 tops and 2 dynachord 15inch bins, studio master 3500 power amp and a studiomaster 1500 power amp.


I was wondering could anyone help me with the most ideal setup for the system running in mono and the band has no need for stereo ?



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If you only want to use mono then just use the left side of the crossover and put each amp into mono mode. So the setup will go




Desk into Crossover


Crossover Low into 3500 amp


Crossover High into 1500 amp


3500 amp to the subs


1500 amp to the tops




As you are running mono if the amp will handle a 2ohm load then you can look at the option of running each amp in bridge mode instead of mono.

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