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Stripping out Strand AMC


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At the Cockpit Theatre we have a Strand AMC built into the control room. The Cockpit was built in 1970 and I am guessing the AMC was added when it was pretty new in the early 80s. It was superseded by the Lightboard M, and that in turn by the 300, yet it still dominates the control room.


It's a lovely old bit of half-timbered kit but sadly its time is up and needs to go. It just takes up too much space. Customised for the Cockpit, it has 60 channels and the usual 3 presets and other stuff. I am told it still works, but I have never cranked it up in the 8 or so years I have been attached to the theatre. Elements are still used such as the fader for the working lights and the switches for the management/emergency lights in the auditorium and control room. There are also 6 independent switches for the various outlets around the rig.


So my questions are:

*Does anyone have any advice (or even schematics) to help me in removing the console and reconnecting the still needed elements?

*Does anyone want to come and join me having a poke about its innards and try and crank it up for one last time?

*Would anyone like it or any of the parts?


Please drop me an email. The theatre goes dark in mid-August so I'll want to play and then remove it around then.




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