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Clay Paky Stage Color 300 Flight Cases


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Just got ourselves 4x Clay Paky Stage Color 300's! Lovely fixtures just what we needed to add to our Light Show. Work really well with our 12x Studio Spots!


Does anyone have or know where I can get my hands on some second hand flight cases for these fixtures?


They're dimensions are: 400mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 520mm(h) if any one has a similar box that could be adapted a little to fit.


Double or Single Box's prefered due to weight! Although tiny these fixtures weigh a fair bit!


Got a gig coming up end of the month and want these babies nice and snug for the 8 hours or so on the road!




Charlie - Space Productions



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Another suggestion.. See how much someone like Amptown want for a set of foam/rubber inserts for the fixtures, then just shop around for some trunk style flight cases to stick them in. Could work out much cheaper depending on how robust/heavy duty the cases need to be..



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