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List of goodies and advise


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Hi This is a follow on from my thread of sorting out a next PS10 sys


I'm going to buy one of the following from S/H stock and looking for any comments / guidance on appropriate config


2 x PS10, 1 x LS500

existing amp running in mono right now Crest FA1202




Do I keep the crest for the PS10's and buy an amp for the Sub

or power the Sub off the crest and buy am amp for the PS10's


And most importantly what do you think of the following....


1 x Martin Audio MA 1.6s                        £950                   

8 x Martin Audio MA900                          £435

5 x Martin Audio MA1.3s                         £800

1 x Martin MA1400                                 £650

2 x Crown Macro-Tech 3600VZ                £1175  -

1 x Crown Macro-Tech 2400VZ                £650                                                          

5 x Opus Audio HD – Various Formats      £1000 l


1 x EV CP-1200    - Brand new                 £600

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