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lighting perspex boses and tubes

lucy rees blanchard

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I am doing a show which persbex boxes and tubes are being used to have fake blood flowing down them but I am wondering what the best way to light these is? are there several different ways to light these as it would be quite nice to light each one differently. the idea is that when some one gets killed the blood flows down certain tubes into the boxes and it collects during the show starting of empty.

hope you can help

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I think its going to depend on how thick your tubes are, and how thick the blood is. I have some fake blood that's incredibly thick and anything more than a 5mm tube and it will just be DARK red.


But my 2 methods would be from the front and white on to hopefully a white background. OR from behind with a light box that lit covered the tube area.I wouldn't like to use any red as I think you will loose the effect.


You could use some EL wire on the tubes to light them as well but its all if if if if if. What is the set? How far is the blood going? I see it as either a water clock and straight down with some bends, OR as a giant maze of twisted pipes.

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