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1u flightcase/bag


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Not something I've seen before, but guess there's not much of a market. Nevertheless, thought I'd ask.


My need is this....


I have a 1u 4 channel DI box which tends to live on stae near keyboards/whatever. This is always well away from any other rack gear I have, hence it needs to be racked on its' own. I want to case it rather than leave it unprotected as it currently is. Thing is, the nearest I can get is a 2u case. Even if I go for a 2u shallow ABS case, this makes the whole thing 3 times the height of the DI box without a case. This makes the whole affair, for what it is, quite cumbersome.


Ideally I'm looking for a shallow, 1u gator type case or a bag. Just something to provide a bit of mechanical protection.


Have never ever seen one, but wondered if the wider Blue Room had?

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After a quick search on e-bay I've found some flightcases complete with a removable 1U sleeve here.



That, my friend, is perfect! Thanks a bunch!


Out of interest, would other people find these things useful? I wonder how many times a company doing a dry hire get asked for a single rackmount unit and end up having to send either a rack full of other unwanted items too, or an oversize rack that's largely empty?



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That case on ebay looks useful.


I do have a 1u case with a single radio mic in it, it's SLIGHTLY larger than it needs to be for the unit, to allow larger microphone heads to fit in the lid. They're not very common due to the cost of making the case is the same as a 2u one, or a 3u one.


Anyone will custom make one but that gets expensive. I bought the mic complete with case and it has no labels.

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