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Electrical Saftey Schools and Youth Work

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One day workshop


Safety issues and working practice



Session 1

Electrical Safety Regulations, and related regulations, in a practical context

the concept of ‘duty holder’

electrical systems, work activities and protective equipment

the strength and capabilities of electrical equipment

electrical equipment in adverse or hazardous environments

means of protection

suitability of electrical connections

the concept of ‘competence’ in electrical work


Session 2

BS7909:2008 The Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes

Introduction to the standard

Working with section 5 in education and youth work settings:

5.1 General

5.2 Person responsible

5.3 Planning the small/simple temporary electrical system

5.4 Risk assessments

5.5 Supplying and checking equipment

5.6 Setting-up a small/simple temporary electrical system

5.7 Changes to the system

5.8 Leaving the system unattended

5.9 Removing the system

5.10 Problems with the installed electrical system


Session 3

Using more power: theatres, special events, contractors and outside groups.

Allocation of responsibility: chain of duty holders, Managers, Teachers and Young People

System design: Using set designs repeatedly, Technical advisor's, what can be done without an electrician?

Testing and certification: who, what, when, why.

Operation: competences, risks and solutions: empowering young people and maintaining safety

Electrical supply: power outlets, and generators

Risk assessments


Crew / Staff

Approved suppliers

Community groups and external users of school and community buildings


Session 4

Common Problems and Practical Solutions

Older Installations

Managing Maintenance

Documentation: Signs, legends, risk assessments, supplier specifications, handouts for young people.

Open forum.


Please contact me via: www.lightandpower.co.uk to discuss your exact needs

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