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Martin Audio Backline Rig Help! :s


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Hi Guys,


One of the bands I work with have a Martin audio backline rig (2x F215+ tops and 2x S18+ Subs)


We're using a crown amp for the tops, and a peavey for the Subs,


The problem is even with some pretty drastic EQ work at 3.15K, and a huge shelf. The tops are still coming out really harsh. I initially thought there might have been a problem with the internal cross over, but although one side is slightly better than the other, it shouldn't be happening in both!


I was thinking of putting in a crossover/speaker management system to enhance the capabilities of the rig, and hopefully iron out most of the problem! I know that Martin Audio do a M3+ unit for this, but might be able to get an MX4 quite cheap, and was wondering if this would do the job!


Has anybody else had experience of this? Or used a similar rig before?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Any Digital LMS unit will help you achieve a flat and aligned system response, which one you buy depends on your budget. The DCX2496 is the budget option but still highly recommended.


However, the F215's aren't known for being TOO harsh with a bit of simple eq, so you may have another issue there which needs sorting. They're not however the smoothest boxes on the market.


Remember that a digital LMS will give you MUCH more flexibility than a basic controller, allowing the 215's to do a little more than mid and top should improve the headroom on the LF side of things, but your best bet is to try a few system arrangements and configurations and see what works best for you.

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