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LSC Dimmers and Power Cuts


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We have a bit of a strange phenomenon that I can't quite work out yet.


We have EKO dimmers, which according to the manufacturers have "Intelligent Power up at last known state."


However, with all these power cuts we've been getting with the storms, the 'last known state' seems to be a bit wayward. If we leave in the evenings with the dimmers all at 0%, and the power cycles during the night, a few times now I've come in to find sparadic lights turned on, which isn't ideal. I've taken to turning all the dimmers off at the MCBs at night until we address the issue.


Does anyone know if this feature can be turned off, or what might be causing it to have a bad 'last known state'? It seems to be the same bad state that is loaded every time.

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Hi Tom


Are you leaving your control desk on too?


It's possible that the dimmers are seeing a 0,0,0,0,0 DMX signal continuously when the desk is powered on, then at the moment of power off the desk stops half way through a DMX packet and therefore 'bad' DMX data makes it into the dimmers (say, half a packet). This would potentially fool the dimmers into thinking that's the state you wanted and therefore locking those channels when the power fails.


As for the specifics of the LSC rack, I'll let someone else answer that.





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No, unfortunately not - (It's a Bullfrog BTW).


The control desk would usually be turned off, and in addition to this it's the same lights that come on after a power failure every time - which kind of points it towards either being a feature set somewhere that I've not located yet, or a old state that's somehow been remembered forever - but it doesn't seem to act like it's a problem that would generate random results.


Furthermore, turning it off at the input MCBs on the units themselves doesn't generate this problem, it's only when it's from the power source.

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