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Band - Halogen Vs LED


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New to the forum so, hey :** laughs out loud **: . I know that people will probably tell me to see other threads but I have looked through this site for 2 weeks and haven't been able to come to a conclusion.


I'm in a party cover band and lookin to get lights. Originally I found the icolour 4 as a great solution as it is not to complex and that I will be able to use it as the vocalist and not have to much trouble operating a fairly good light show while we're playing. Now I've seen that some people like these and some people are thoroughly against them.


Having spoke to a couple of people they suggested LED par cans and I understand the benefits i.e. heat, the amount of hours the bulbs will last etc but to me they don't seem as bright as the halogen bulbs? I am going to look at the Kam LED Parbar package tomorrow to see if that is any good?


Please any suggestions will be really helpful, just keep in mind that I am a novice and don't want to be faffing around to much.



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The Icolour 4 is bright and does the job, and is relatively cheap - but you get some interestingly coloured shadows since the light sources are from slightly different places. They also run hot and are relatively easy to break.


LEDs have a longer life, run cooler and use less power; however, an LED fixture that gives the same light output as the Icolour wiill cost several times as much as the Icolour.


Your idea of trying before buying is a good one. You might also want to take a look at the products from LEDJ such as this :


LEDJ Flood from CPC


which use 1W LEDs rather than smaller ones.

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I've seen and used the KAM Parbar... Its like with anything, you get what you pay for.


From the sounds of it for what you require they will work quite well! Each 'par' has a very tight beam and can be fairly bright.


Also try and compare these against 1w LED Parcans, they might give a brighter light on a looser beam... it all depends what effect you want out of them.

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ignore the kam parbar and look at the Prolight version, much much brighter


Got a link?


Prolight site shows Equinox as ` coming soon `




in uncertain format obviously, it either has:


48 multi-coloured Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs or


192 Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R:36, G:72, B:84)


Either way just like the Kam item they are narrow beam, LED dosen`t make great front light anyway, but a splash of colour that sets up in 2 minutes and fits in a Corsa boot.

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Checked out the KAM Parbar at the weekend and was fairly impressed. It took alot of messing around with settings but I think it can do the job. Thanks for letting me know that there is a Mk2 model because if I do decide to go with the parbar then I want to be getting the best model.


Can I buy the Prolight version? can't understand from looking around the internet whether its available or not? only reason being is that I will be buying this week at some point?

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I would recomend LED lights. Remember that bands often have to perform in pubs, church halls and private homes, in such places power supply is often very restricted, sometimes to a single, or at best a twin 13 amp socket.


500 watt parcans or similar would therefore be severly limited in number.


LEDs have a very much smaller power consumption, and finance to purchase them, and transport/storeage space are likely to be the limiting factor, not power supply.


Remember also that few small venues have air conditioning, many dont even have decent ventilation, therefore the much reduced heat output of LED lighting will be appreciated by both performers and guests.

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