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Lightfactor's number


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I dialled that number and got straight through to the auto-answer message - "Thank you for calling Lightfactor Sales"


Either you mis-dialled or they had a minor problem earlier with their comms.....

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ben@lightfactor.co.uk / mick@lightfactor.co.uk


these are the guys I usually deal with for my sgm parts / service



I have the same number you have stated which is odd


hope this helps





Just for reference I am no longer with the company (havnt been for a long time now having been through HES and runnign my own service company since then) but I am more than happy to help support any of the products they supply and answer questions both here and by email/phone.


Mick has also left the company and is now at Robe.


As stated by others above the number you have is correct as 01923 69 80 80 with the fax of 01923 69 80 81.


The service technician there now is Bob but if there are any questions that may be of use to others post and I will be happy to answer, if not send me a pm or email and I am happy to help that way if you still cant get hold of Bob

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