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PJ Net Organizer

Jeremy MLS

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Hi Blue Room Team,


I've been trying to get our Sanyo projector (sorry can't remember the exact model but its 5000lumin) to work with the PJ Net Organizer.


The projector is recognizing the Network unit and I have installed the software on a Laptop and tried to connect the laptop and projector directly via Cat5 cable.


However when I put in the projectors IP address to a web browser on the laptop, a "page could not be loaded" error is displayed.


I have tried following the manual, but I'm thinking there is probably one crutial factor that I've over looked...


Do I need to use a router, (also linking it to the whole network) rather than a direct cat5 link?


If anyone has anyone advice on how to get this working it would be much appreciated.




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I know nothing of the project concerned however: Linking to machines with a piece of cat 5 requires a "crossover" cable. These look identical to normal cat 5 aside from often being brightly coloured and hopefully labelled. Failing that going via a domestic switch/router (I suspect you mean one of the devices that combine both?) would work and has the added bonus of sorting out any problems with machines that are expecting to be given and IP address dynamicly rather than having there address permanently set.


Cheeky option to to try first: try rebooting the laptop with the projector connected. In theory this shouldn't work, but a number network cards (in defiance of the standard) will auto detect which way round Tx and Rx are and adjust accordingly.

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Also if you are connecting without a router you will have to manually give your laptop an address in the same range i.e. the first three set of numbers(octets) must be the same and the last one different and the subnet mask must be the same.
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