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Budget Lasers


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I am a sound engineer and hire out myself and a pa with a fairly basic lighting rig. (2x martin manias, raptor, 2x spectre and a couple of par cans for foot lights). Im looking into getting a laser or 2. I'd like it to be able to be DMX controlled.


To the main point of this question. does anyone have any experience with these 4 lens lasers?


How well do they work with DMX?


or could you suggest an alternative? Perhaps 2 red lasers(dual or seperate) and a green one below a budget of £180 or would it be best to buy a single but slightly more professional laser for a similar price?


One more thing (sorry) what kind of distance will these lasers cover? Ideally id like something that goes up to 30/40 meters from source.


Thank you in advance



Moderation: Correct link - on Ebay

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heres the link to the laser.


Im new here and selected the wrong option.


Ill will also be getting some other lights (scanners, pars) all DMX controlled, its just the laser im unsure about.


With regards to the legal side of things I am looking into it before my purchase



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