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Speaker system for Function Band - which system to go for?


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Hi all - I would appreciate your advice.


I play in a function band and we play venues ranging from 100 to 700 people. We have a 7 piece band which is basically a four piece rock band with a 3 piece brass section.


Our current system is really good, the output and quality is great. However it's a good few years old now and I am hoping to reduce the number of boxes I need to carry. The only downside of the system seems to be that it is quite directional. Often a bonus, but occassionally this causes problems in wide venues. It's also 8 boxes which means more trips to and from the van.


Current FOH System

4 x Turbosound TQ440

4 x Adlib Audio 1 x 18" subs

1 x Lab Gruppen 6000Q (4 x 1250 watt amp)

1 x Camco Vortex 6

1 x DBX Drive Rack


Budget for new system is probably 10K. Ideally, I'd like to make the new system 1 sub per side and 1 mid/high box per side. I would be prepared to lift a 2x18 sub if that's what it takes as long as it would match the output of the separate 1x18 boxes I currently own. I would consider active or passive. Passive is probably cheaper as I would keep a hold of my amps (both of which I like). However I'm well aware of the benefits of active systems particularly with the new light amps. I was thinking that horn loaded boxes may give me the output I need inside a few boxes... Have no experience of this though...


New system must be a realistic 2 man lift and be quick to set up.


I'm based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and have few links with pro audio suppliers.


I would really appreciate any advice you have? Many thanks.

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I'm not sure if the TT12A top box can array. You can get both single and dual 18 inch subs and everything is Active/Powered though.


You say 100-700 people, what is the average? You'd be better suited for the audience sizes in the majority of the gigs you play then hiring in systems for anything bigger and using just tops for smallest gigs.


[out on a limb & total guess work]Perhaps 2 stacks of D&B C series?[/out on a limb & total guess work]



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Perhaps 2 stacks of D&B C series?


2 stacks of C7 would be good for the job, that is six boxes though and the OP would have to buy secondhand to avoid blowing the budget by 5k, do-able with s/h P1200s within the 10k budget, however secondhand C7 is quite hard to come by.


4 stacks of secondhand C4 with P1200s would also work with the budget, however that's eight boxes, which is what he is wanting to get away from. C4 is easy to come by secondhand at sensible prices. 2 stacks of C4 could only work if setup along the short side of a long room, however there's then the problem of getting the C4-Top to a sensible height. Plus as a function band, lots of the time you don't know the shape of the room or setup position until you're onsite.



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Many thanks, sounds like C7 may be the way to go. The right mix of portability and power. I'll have to be patient on the second hand market.


Anyone know where I can dry hire C7's in the North East Of England?

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Again another band with a not bad FOH lineup.


C7 might be a good replacement system for it, provided you have 2 people to set the PA system up everytime, as the top boxes weigh in at 52kgs each and the subs at 49kgs.

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Anyone know where I can dry hire C7's in the North East Of England?


TMC in Bradford or Wigwam in Heywood Lancs are both d&b rental houses and sales partners


And in the other direction, Warehouse in Edinburgh and DM Audio in Musselburgh both have rental stock.

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