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eos offline manual


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hi all


bit of a silly question.


I've got a few days to myself and trying to familarise myself with the eos and ios desks. I haven't seen one yet but know of a few theatres around the city that have them. obviously the more employable I am the better and who knows when I might be asked to plot on the eos.


anyways I'm lost. having a quick look through the manual and trying to figure out how to do stuff. as you know the manual is for the console and its not helping to navigate around the offline editor.


I have had a look on the etc website but cant find anything.


I feel like a right dunce so help would be apprecihated




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Offline operation is identical to the Console, except that you use keyboard shortcuts.


To activate the keyboard shortcuts, turn on Scroll Lock - that's probably where you're going wrong.


F1 opens up Help in the CIA, and F1 plus ; opens the list of keyboard shortcuts.

(It does tell you this if you just press F1)

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Hi pat


Hope oz is treating you well.


I have some cheat sheets for the eos. I got them from a training session last year.


Best rule of thumb, is think like a 500 series op and things will make sense!


Can you Pm me your email & I will foward it on.




remember me!!

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